6 Effective Studying Tips

Many students sit for long hours without gaining any knowledge from what they studied, these kind of students often feel bored, tired, exhausted and have no energy so they postpone what they are studying to another time or just convince themselves that what they did is the right way to study, this is when they should know how to study effectively.

    1. Start with the most enjoying part: most students believe that studying has no enjoyment in it and it is a matter of feeling bad each day they study in or do their homework in, the problem is when these students don’t know that they can enjoy studying if they know at first the parts they enjoy to start studying these parts.


    1. Study each hour a different subject: you usually take from 7 to 10 classes each day, some are important and others are not so important, studying each hour one subject so that you can’t feel bored while studying is a way to study effectively. Computer desk


    1. Take free time after each hour you spend studying: many students believe that they should study for long hours without taking any free time for themselves to have fun in, this belief is totally wrong because you should purposely free your mind from any studying matters by taking 10 to 20 minutes break each hour of studying.


    1. Be aware of what you enjoy the most away from studying: you have to think by yourself to know what make you enjoy the most away from studying and write them down, you may enjoy cooking some kind of food, watching a certain TV series or playing some specific game. Be so specific in knowing them when writing them and write as many as possible so that you can choose one or more each day to do after you finish studying.


  1. Don’t do multiple tasks while studying: many students believe that they can do many things together when they are studying, specially students who study on a computer, they usually do multiple tasks by downloading something while studying their slides on the computer, they listen to music while studying or maybe they watch a video each couple of minutes. This attitude can make you study less effectively.