Engagement Gift Ideas For Her

An engagement is a very emotional event for everyone because it is the initial step towards lifetime togetherness and commitment. Accustomed to this occasion, the man is ought to present the woman various engagement gift ideas such as the engagement ring. Ideally the ring must be a family heirloom, passed from generation to another generation. But this tradition is not common to all since not everyone started with the same custom.

Currently, for those who don’t have enough budgets, usually prefer a not so expensive ring in order to maintain the symbol of his engagement with the woman. On the other hand, those who are capable of purchasing an expensive engagement ring would run after a high quality ring topped with the finest diamond.

In anyways giving gifts does not need to be expensive, it is with the way how you presented it, especially with gift giving. Knowing that they are more emotional than man, while choosing the appropriate gift for her, select it with care and emotion. Choose between these engagement gift ideas for her that will certainly be of use for herself or for her new home.

Some of the engagement gift ideas for brides-to-be include:

Bridal Magazine

With this idea, the will-be bride may be able to draw ideas on how to plan her wedding. It will be very easy for her to decide on every details of the occasion provided with guidelines and tips from the magazine.

Jewelry Box

Serves as a valuable place where a woman can keep her most treasured belongings, especially jewelries. Some jewelry boxes available in the market can be personalized by engraving the recipients’ name on it.


A special arrangement of fresh flowers is the best engagement gift for a woman. Since flowers symbolize every inch of being a woman, it will be highly appreciated engagement gift ideas when given during the specific occasion of her life.

Spa Gift Certificate

This kind of present will give her time to pamper herself, and as well as time to relax when times get hectic during wedding preparation.

Gift Basket for Her

This gift comes in many different set, such as: beauty spa gift basket, pedicure gift basket, wine basket, chocolate basket, gourmet basket etc.

There’s a lot more to choose when giving gifts to an engaged woman. Although gifts and other engagement gift ideas are not mandatory on an engagement party, yet giving gift is a simple and thoughtful gesture to wish the best for her.