Getting A Texas Education – A Foreigners Guide To The J-1 Visa Job

The name Texas comes from an American Indian name meaning friends. This meaning holds true for international students looking to complete their education in the U.S. In fact, there aren’t many places where you can receive an education like the one you will get in the lone star state.

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With some of the top rated schools in the country, such as the Texas A&M University which tops some of the Ivy League schools in academics, there really isn’t a better place to get your start.

With a J-1 visa foreign students are enabled to live in the state of Texas and work to support themselves while they are here. If you’re exploring your career options, and the school you will attend, Texas is a great place to look.

To get started a simple understanding of the J-1 visa is all that is required.

What is a J-1 Visa, And Who Qualifies For This Program?

The J-1 visa is a program that is designed to promote the sharing of education, and skills in art and science. The specific program that you need to look at for educational purposes is the J-1 exchange program.

With a J-1 exchange visa you will be able to attend schools within the U.S., work in designated areas within the country, and bring your family with you while you receive your education. The school you are applying to can help you get started with the application process.

What Are The Restrictions Of My J-1 Visa?

If you are considering getting your visa to attend a Texas college there are a few guidelines you need to follow once here. There are a few restrictions that come with living and working in the US while attending your degree program.

1. Insurance: While here you will be required to carry health insurance for yourself and any family members living with you. This ensures that you are protected should any health-related issues arise.

2. Work: Students and family members living in the US under the J-1 exchange program are able to work in specified areas. The job you choose must be either, for the school you are attending, or for a business that is associated with that school. Fortunately most schools have work programs for J-1 students, and finding employment should be easy.

3. When Your Program is Complete: After you finish your education you must return to your home country for a period of two years before you can apply for work in the US again.