Need to Know About Gun Auctions

Gun auctions are a great place to both find historical guns and antiques and to sell you own guns. However, before you register to buy or sell weapons online or at a live gun auction you need to understand the legal and professional requirements that apply to gun transactions. There are three basic tasks that you will need to perform before listing or bidding on an item at an auction and they are: meet legal requirements to participate in an auction, research items you are interested in and apply for the appropriate auction account.

The first thing that you need to do when trying to buy or sell a gun at an auction is to register for an auction account. To do this you will need to decide on an auction site to use or a live gun auction to attend. Then you will need to follow that auction’s rules for applying for a buyer’s or seller’s account. Usually the registration process will involve filling out your contact information, establishing an account and passing a background search.

After you have established your auction account you will need to pass a background screening. This is the same process you would have to follow if you were trying to buy a gun in a store. The background check is usually processed through the ATF. You will also need to make sure that it is legal in your state for you to buy or sell firearms through an online auction or via a live auction. Most states allow you to buy and sell firearms from people in your own state, but many prohibit the importing and exporting of weapons to and from other states. The NRA has a great listing of state by state firearm laws that you can use to research your state’s laws.

The final step is to research the guns that you are interested in. If you are a seller then it is important that you know what your gun is worth so that you don’t over price it or under price it. If you are a buyer then you need to understand what a piece is worth so that you can spot a deal or a rip off. One resource that you can use to quickly determine how much a piece is worth is the Blue Book of Gun Values. You can find this book at local bookstores or via online booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.