Tips To Help You Find The Best Town House Builder

Choosing a town house builder to work on your new home or investment project is a very important decision – if the construction is not carried out to an appropriate standard, your project could end up costing you a fortune and pose a real safety risk. So, to help ensure that you find the best builder that you possibly can, follow these tips:

How long has the builder been in business?

Ask the town house builder how long they have been in business and try to verify the truthfulness of this answer. If they are a Limited building company (Ltd), you are able to check the date that they began operating on their registration. You can also visit your local council and look at some plans from the year the contractor says they opened to see whether they worked on any of them. Keep in mind that if the builder is being honest with you, this information will not be hard to find.

Does the builder have a permanent business address?

Ask the builder for their business address, and ensure that you actually check it exists. Again, if they are a Limited company, you can check out the address listed on their registration. You could also try looking up the business on a website like Google Maps and see what it spits out. Keep in mind that a reputable business will want to be found.

Can the builder supply recent client testimonials?


Ask the town house builder for the contact details (phone numbers AND address is best) for at least three of their past clients (the more recent the better). Doing this is not enough, however, as it is highly important that you actually contact these clients and ask them about the builder’s performance during their project. It’s also a good idea to ask if you can go and checkout the work that the builder completed.

Can the builder supply you with a thorough quote?

Ask the town house builder to supply you with a quote for your project. A good contractor will provide you with a detailed document in which they have broken down the entire project and supplied you with the cost of each individual element. The dodgier contractors will give you a quote amazingly fast, but it won’t contain any detail at all.

On top of these tips, you should always check that the town house builder you are employing is actually qualified for the project that you are paying them for and that they are properly insured (although these factors are more common sense then anything). By asking a potential builder these questions, you can ensure that you receive your dream home.